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Its important to keep our players fit and active over this isolation period. We have put together simple drills which can be done at home to assist in keeping you involved in the game and help tune those skills you already have. We dont stand still in the South End Spirit Family. Regular updates will be posted so please check back each week.

Drill 1 Defensive Stand Builder

This drill is excellent for building the strength necessary to stay low in both a defensive position and rebounding. Aim to do 5 mins. Remember to keep a low base. Chest eyes and off hand up.

Drill 2 Offensive Footwork

This drill is all about offensive footwork. It works on our jump stop, shot fake, jab step and cross step. Be patient and make slow deliberate actions. Mastering these moves will help beat any defender.

Drill 3 Beat your Defender

Once you’ve perfected the footwork in drill 2 you can now use it to beat a defender. Have someone pass the ball and then use any combination of moves to beat a defender and score. Aim for 10 made jump shots and 10 made layups. Remember to use both sides of you body.

Drill 4 Strength and Conditioning

These exercises are great for stability and injury prevention and will also get your heart rate up too👍

#1 pivot squats (ball raised)

#2 pivot squats (ball lowered)

#3 raised leg ball wraps

#4 lunge ball wraps

#5 arabesques (hold for 3 seconds)

#6 high ball strikes

#7 ball pounds (1 min each hand) Do each exercise for 2-3 mins

Drill 5 Ball Handling

Here is a short Ball Handling workout to help with your dribbling, shooting and hand eye co-ordination.

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